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Calculating Interest (snooze) Except It Is Really Important and Here’s Why

Let me start by asking a question:
Lori Atwood Sep 13, 2016 11:24:51 AM

Are you an Insurance Company or Pension Fund? Here’s Why the Answer Matters?

I know that’s a silly question. Clearly, you are a human, not a company or a pension fund. You are h...
Lori Atwood Jun 22, 2016 1:36:47 PM

Why Would You Save When You Are in Debt? Because You Have to…

Frequently cited as a reason to throw up your hands and not save, the attitude of “I have so much de...
Lori Atwood May 4, 2016 3:11:43 PM

Tax Season – How Can You Minimize Your Tax Bill?

Upcoming Event: Personal Finance 101: Take the Stress Out of Your Finances and Make a Plan When: Thu...
Lori Atwood Apr 3, 2016 8:11:54 PM

Retirement or College Savings, which Takes Priority?

There’s a parental continuum when it comes to paying for college. On one end is "The kids can pay fo...
Lori Atwood Jan 4, 2016 3:09:50 PM

The Dow is Down 1000 Points! Does that Really Matter to You?

Unless you’ve been off-the-grid, you’ve probably heard that the Dow or “the market” has had a sudden...
Lori Atwood Aug 25, 2015 2:59:40 PM

The Guy with Black Turtleneck on the Sailboat and Other Financial Fantasies Debunked

We’ve all seen that handsome guy on the sailboat, salt and pepper hair, confident look and black tur...
Lori Atwood Apr 14, 2015 8:12:35 PM

How Much Do You Need in Savings (No, not retirement, we covered that last week)

Everywhere you turn, people are telling you to save more. Save more for college, a rainy day, retire...
Lori Atwood Mar 1, 2015 1:13:10 PM

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