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OMG!! the Uber thing....

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, because I keep seeing this trend among my clients....
Lori Atwood Feb 26, 2020 5:38:16 PM

Financial New Year's Resolutions - Try Small Steps

Hi all, Happy New Year! I wanted to announce that Elizabeth Westendorf, who wrote the post below and...
Lori Atwood Jan 20, 2020 3:08:55 PM

Gig Work - Top 3 Tips if Your Income is Inconsistent

Written with AFP Associate, Erik Attias, in LA.
Lori Atwood Oct 16, 2019 4:11:59 PM

What is a Fiduciary and Why Does it Matter?

You may hear the term Fiduciary a lot especially when friends and family give you advice on who to c...
Lori Atwood Sep 30, 2019 9:16:54 AM

You Can Afford It! - Jason Ross, Associate, Atwood Financial Planning (NJ)

Hi all, As usual our blog takes a summer break over July and August. I hope you enjoy our last post ...
Lori Atwood Jun 26, 2019 2:50:05 PM

Spring Cleaning for your Finances

Hi all, this post was written by one of Atwood Financial Planning's Associates, Elizabeth Westendorf...
Elizabeth Westendorf Apr 25, 2019 3:08:12 PM

Buy it or Lease it - What to Do When You Need to Replace Your Car

I thought I’d write about this topic because I just had to return my leased car and I get questions ...
Lori Atwood Jan 30, 2019 5:12:08 PM

When is it good to have cash?

When you are a fiduciary and do not make any commissions like me, you are free to give honest advice...
Lori Atwood Nov 1, 2018 8:42:45 AM

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